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About Tsutaya Main Store

Tsutaya was founded in the first year of Genroku under Shogun Tsunayoshi Tokugawa as a hatago for the 37th post station "Fukushima-juku" on Nakasendo.
Since the middle of the Edo period, it has been loved by many travelers and writers for three centuries and has run an inn.

Although there are various things in the history of more than 300 years, we are supported by the customers who come and go on the Nakasendo, and are supported by the area called Kiso, and we continue to the present day.
We want to convey the charm of Kiso as a company that conveys Kiso to people all over the world without fear of change while inheriting tradition.


Onyado Tsutaya

Continues to be the light of people traveling on Nakasendo and Kisoji

庭 (2).JPG


A superb highland resort surrounded by Mt. Kiso Ontake and the starry sky



We will bring the scent of Kiso area , Nagano pref to your home

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